breakdown time.

i’m freaking out.

why didn’t i apply to more schools. why do my two top schools not want me… i didn’t show enough “interest” in them but how could i? i can’t afford to make the trip to visit either of them or take a tour. 

now i’m stuck to decide between four schools that i don’t really even want to go to but i kinda like 2 of them.

i just want it to be the weekend. i also want to cry. 

i’ve tried so hard to not let my rejections hurt me because i still have four great options but they’re not even what i really wanted. 

i want to go back in time and apply to more schools and be rich so i can go to visit schools that i really wanted. 

i literally just feel like i want to cry all the time. 

i have so much work to get done with school and i just feel like it’s time to give up but i can’t because i still have exams. why can’t i just not have work anymore. 

literally want to bash my head on a wall right now.

unlimited promos to whoever writes my theodore roosevelt essay.



stop unfollowing me this is my only source of self esteem 


there are probably more lost bobby pins than there are people in this world